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Important award highlights work of Chilean association at UC Davis
July 29, 2015
Each year, the Office of Services for International Students and Scholars, in conjunction with the Cross Cultural Center, and Cal Aggie Alumni Association of the University of California, Davis (UCD ) highlights one of its graduate students or a student with studies in progress, who has "demonstrated dedication, participation and motivation as a leader of a community of international students." On May 19, 2015, this Outstanding Leadership Award was given, as part of the graduation ceremony to the Chilean Valerie Weinborn, who is working on a PhD in Food Science in this university, for her work as president of the Chilean Students' Association at UC Davis (Chile UCD) during 2014 .

For Valerie this was a joint reward for the work done during the past year: "Furthermore, the prize was not only given to me; there was another award for university individuals that support the students; the Community Building Award, given to Tu Jarvis, for his work with Chile UCD. Both awards were very validating for the work of the group, because they highlight the many things we do ( ... ) This award was supportive boost."

From the professional perspective, for this veterinarian at the University of Chile this distinction highlights volunteer work, "having an award that speaks of leadership supports the career.”

Weinborn prioritizes above all the importance of recognizing collective work, considering that as an association they been focused on being very active, "and this recognition is something good because it means that we are not only considered in Chile as an active community, but also at UC Davis, a grand university, where we would not necessarily be recognized since most of our activities are focused on Chileans. So it's good to hear from an institution that is not directly related to Chile, that we are doing things right."

It is worth mentioning that this is one of the most numerous associations of Chileans studying abroad. It has operated since 2011 and today has more than 65 students participants. Currently the board of the Chile UCD is led by Chairman Nicolas Bambach, Natalia Duque (Vice-president), Macarena Farcuh (treasurer), and Soraya Manzor (general secretary), whom already began with the 2015 activity calendar, which includes ChileGlobal Seminars on issues such as tax reform, energy and sustainability and the importance of having an international career, among others.