Faculty Director of Global Centers Appointed for Latin America and the Caribbean
December 19, 2018

The UC Davis  Global Centers initiative— which aims to leverage campus strengths and expand mutually-beneficial partnerships in regions around the world—is set to move forward with the appointment of Lovell “Tu” Jarvis as the Faculty Director of Global Centers for Latin America and the Caribbean. Jarvis will bring strategic leadership to the development the first UC Davis Global Center, building on existing partnerships and linkages in the region—including activities through the UC Davis Chile Life Sciences Innovation Center (UC Davis Chile), which launched with Chilean government support in 2015.

UC Davis water management specialist is the keynote speaker at seminar in Santiago
December 11, 2018

Sam Sandoval, associate professor at the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources at UC Davis, explained how the severe drought which California recently underwent, gave rise to the first legislative effort (an act) which coordinates the governance of groundwater in that State.  He gave details of the unwanted outcomes which this act seeks to avoid and how his work as a researcher seeks to contribute to this governance.

The university as a driving force for science-based entrepreneurship
November 30, 2018

William Tucker, Executive Director of Innovation Access at UC Davis, visited Chile to be one of the main speakers at the III USM Tech Innovation Summit. Since he returned to the country after 10 years, we talked to him in order to learn about his perception of the changes in Chile in issues of entrepreneurship and also to learn how UC Davis is commercializing the technologies it generates.    


Viticulture and Enology Extension Center organizes successful 2nd International Seminar
November 26, 2018

Held in Chillan, the event´s keynote speaker was Anita Oberholster, enology extensionist specialist at the University of California Cooperative Extension. Doctor Oberholster also made technical visits to partner vineyards of different productive sizes.

California State Legislators visited UC Davis’ center in Chile
November 20, 2018

The representatives Mike Gipson and Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Senator Nancy Skinner, representatives Marc Berman and Marc Levine, together with Mauricio Cañoles, UC Davis Chile’s General Manager. Credit: Robert Balgenorth

A delegation of California State Legislators –including senator Nancy Skinner and representatives Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Marc Berman, Mike Gipson and Marc Levine- as well as business, environmental, and labor leaders visited UC Davis Chile.

Dean of the College of Agriculture at UC Davis holds a busy agenda in Santiago
November 19, 2018

Doctora Helene Dillard is in charge of one of the two colleges most successful in agronomy worldwide.  In Chile, she met up with her peers from Chilean universities, with authorities and representatives of different agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture and with partners of UC Davis Chile.

Successful International Research Conference at UC Davis
September 26, 2018

Chile was represented by Christian Nicolai, Executive Director of CONICYT and Dr. Ariel Orellana, Vice Chancellor of Research at UNAB.

Reference genomes of Chilean wineyards: the science behind the vine
September 13, 2018

An event that congregated the Chilean wine industry around science and innovation

Bioproducts, a trend that’s here to stay
September 12, 2018

The First International Summit of Bioproducts, organized by Mundoagro magazine and UC Davis Chile, was held with huge success in Santiago, Chile.

UC Davis and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile renew agreement
August 20, 2018

Con este acuerdo, se logrará potenciar el intercambio de conocimiento entre ambas instituciones

Santiago gets ready for the Technology Transfer and Comercialization Hub for the Americas
June 20, 2018

The HUB seeks to expand networks and strategic regional collaboration on issues of management, transfer, adaptation and commercialization of technology, and at the same time diversify the economies of the region based on the incorporation of technology in value chains. The knowledge and practical exercises shared during the training are based on real technologies and existing problems in the communities

Zero Waste project seeks to eliminate micro trash dumps and construct a rain garden at an at-risk elementary school in Conchalí, Santiago Chile
March 14, 2018

Sol Naciente Elementary School needs your support on the Kickstarter platform to raise $15,000 USD to prevent school children from living with two vast trash dumps that overflow during the rainy seasons. We have until April 29th and it's all or nothing!

UC Davis Chile is looking forward an organization that works with indigenous communities in the frame of a scientific project with Araucaria trees
March 6, 2018

We are looking for an organization or company able to provide services related to the interaction and communication with indigenous and/or ancestral communities in the framework of a scientific project related to the characterization of potential causing agents of leaf damage in Araucaria araucana, in the Regions of Araucanía and Biobío, Chile. Deadline March 23rd. Maximum budget: $25 millions CLP

We invite you to read a special edition of our newsletter
January 19, 2018

January 2018 is a key date for UC Davis Chile. After three years working, we are beginning our second phase as a Corfo’s project. This special number is based essentially in this news: the opinion column by our Executive Director, the senior authorities from UC Davis who traveled to Chile to participate in relevant activities of this transition, the addition of a new academic partner: the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), the trip of Universidad Andrés Bellos’s Chancellor to California to meet his peer in UC Davis. We invite you to read and share our newsletter.

Call for a position as a Reception Assistant
January 12, 2018

To apply, send the CV with income claims, cover letter, availability and contact information of a recommendation to Deadline: January, 19th.

UC Davis, Ganesha Lab and UC Davis Chile: Californian and Chilean institutions agree to collaborate in facilitating the Movement of Technology and Startup Companies between both territories
December 21, 2017

On Friday, December 22 at 9:30 am UC Davis, Ganesha Lab and UC Davis Chile will attend a pitch given by Nicolás Morelli, CEO of VACuCh to evaluate the potential of this company to make the transition and to “land” in California.

International expert in bioproducts trained professionals from the UTA
December 5, 2017

Doctor Leobardo Serrano, creator of the biofungicide Fungifree AB®, has more than 38 international publications and 15 awards for his work in biotechnology. His visit takes place within the collaborative project University of Tarapaca and UC Davis Chile.

We invite you to read the last edition of our newsletter!
October 20, 2017

We present interesting sections: opinion column, news, highlights and an interview to a UC Davis Alumni. Specially, we invite you to read about our project with University of Tarapacá (UTA) -search of microorganisms in ancentral crops for the development of bioproducts- and to watch the videos about our applied research lines.

First International Viticulture and Enology Seminar of Southern Chile
October 4, 2017

The activity will include national speakers and extension specialists in viticulture from the Cooperative Extension System of the University of California, including the last winner of the “Extension Distinction Award” of the American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV).

Climate Smart Agro tackles key issues in the face of the high climate variability in agriculture
September 1, 2017

Experts in integrate pest management, irrigation, crop adaptation and integrated water management participated in the 2017 version of this seminar, including Jim Farrar, Director of the State Program of Integrated Pest Management of the University of California.

Research Scientist in Bioinformatics
August 9, 2017

Position: Research Scientist in Bioinformatics

Description: We are seeking a highly-motivated bioinformatics researcher to lead data analysis efforts related to genome and metagenome sequencing in host and host-free ecosystems. The work is collaborative with colleagues at Universidad Andrés Bello’s Center for Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology.

Closing date: August 27th. The anticipated start date is flexible, but the position can start as early as September 1, 2017.

Buscamos contador auditor o técnico superior en contabilidad o en administración
July 10, 2017

Los interesados deben enviar CV y datos de contacto de una o más personas para dar referencias hasta el 12 de julio a postulacionesucdavischile@gmail.comCONCURSO CERRADO.

Young innovators distinguished themselves in “I Believe in Chile”
June 20, 2017

The Foundation for Agricultural Innovation (FIA), together with the Center of Research and Innovation (CII) of the vineyard Concha & Toro and the University of California, Davis in Chile (UC Davis Chile) implemented the young Agri-Food Panel in the context of the fair “I Believe in Chile”. The aim was to start up a dialogue amongst entrepreneurs, research centers and companies about the challenges of innovation connected to the agri-food world with different strategies and realities.

We hope you enjoy reading the fifth edition of our newsletter!
June 19, 2017

This number includes an opinion column by Joanna Regulska,  Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor of Global Affairs, because UC Davis Chile now is part of this UC Davis’ division. Precisely,  the main news provide more details about this appointment.

In every edition we explain a research line, in this case its “Viticulture and Enology”. As we have had an intense quarter, this number includes five highlights, mainly about UC Davis’ proffesors and farm advisors visiting Chile as well the U.S. Ambassador at our headquarters. As always, we want to announce professionals who work in Chile and have studied at Davis. We will meet Carlos Flores, UC Davis Chile hydrologist consultant.

UC Davis Chile’s Associate Director will participate in “I Believe in Chile”
May 31, 2017

Pablo Zamora will relate his experiences in The Not Company and in UC Davis Chile in the agro-food block of this space of the largest entrepreneurship and innovation projects in the country. We await you on June 15 starting 14:30 hours in Espacio Riesco. The event is free of charge.

Call for a PhD thesis collaboration in Concha y Toro
May 29, 2017

We are searching for a Chemist, Biochemist o Bioprocesses Engineer or related that is pursuing his/her PhD dissertation in the Research and Innovation Center at Concha y Toro vineyard in a joint project with UC Davis Chile. Interested individuals should send CV, motivational letter and 2 recommendation letters to until June, 30th.

IFT Agro 2017: Technology at your fingertips
May 17, 2017

Farmers, experts and different companies gathered in Talca to announce the last trends in agro development. Mundoagro's article about the event sponsored by UC Davis Chile in its Conference Program (text in Spanish).

Llamado para Consultor en Análisis Cualitativo
May 15, 2017

Buscamos estudiante de 4º o 5º año o profesional en Ciencias Sociales o Agrónomo para realizar durante un mes una asesoría en análisis cualitativo de mil respuestas abiertas y breves a una pregunta única. Remuneración de $500 mil. Postulaciones hasta el jueves 25 de mayo.

Call for a service related to the interaction with indigenous communities in the framework of a scientific project
May 12, 2017

UC Davis Chile is looking for an individual, organization or company able to provide services related to the interaction and legal nexus with custodial and/or indigenous communities in the framework of a scientific project related to the exploration of agriculture genetic resources in the territory of Arica and Tarapaca, Chile. The time frame of the project is 7 months starting June 2017 and the budget available is a maximum of 25.000.000 CLPApplications must be received by May 26th 2017.

Call for positions for two Post-Doctoral Researchers in Bioproducts
April 20, 2017

Applicants requirements: Ph.D with an accredited experience in areas of biotechnology, plant biology, microbiology and/or product development. One position is based in Santiago and the other one in Arica (Chile). Applications until May 10th, 2017 (CV, cover letter and 2 letters of recommendation).

We are looking for a Data scientist for joint project UC Davis Chile and Concha y Toro
April 4, 2017

Applicants should be Bioinformatic, Chemist, Biochemist, Bioprocess, Mathematical, Computer Sciences engineer or related. To apply, send CV, recommendation letter and cover letter to

U.S. Ambassador visits UC Davis Chile
April 3, 2017

Friday, March 31st, Carol Pérez, U.S. Ambassador to Chile, came to UC Davis Chile’s offices to meet its team, led by Alan Bennett.

UC Davis expert in groundwater will give a talk in UC Davis Chile
March 28, 2017

We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the talk "Sustainable Groundwater Management", by doctor Graham Fogg, Land, Air and Water Resources Department's professor and researcher at the Center for Watershed Sciences, UC Davis. The talk will be Thursday, March 30th at 11:00 am in UC Davis Chile, Andrés Bello 2299, office 1102. Providencia (metro Los Leones). If you want to participate, please send an e-mail to

UC Davis Chile sponsors IFT Agro’s conferences
March 23, 2017

Rodrigo Gallardo (arriba a la izquierda), Pablo Zamora (arriba a la derecha), Mark Battany (abajo a la izquierda) y Álvaro Castro (abajo a la derecha)

There is little time to go before the International Fair of Technologies (IFT) AGRO 2017, the Chile’s National Farm Technologies Exhibition and Conference, begins. Talca will host the event whose will take place between Wednesday, 5th and Friday, 7th April.

UC Davis Chile’s Associate Director obtain new appointment in UC Davis
March 17, 2017

Pablo Zamora, UC Davis Chile’s Associate Director and Chief Science Officer, was named UC Davis Global Affairs’ Senior Fellow.

We are looking for a chemical analyst expert in enology
February 28, 2017

Are you chemical engineer or do you hold a related degree? Send to your CV, a cover letter and a recommendation letter.

We are looking for three Senior Extensionists for the Viticulture and Enology Extension Center in the South of Chile
February 16, 2017

The call for the positions is for agronomers or agri-business engineers with 5-years of experience in viticulture and enology. The applications are opened until March, 3rd.

We are looking for a research assistant
February 9, 2017

Applications until February, 16th. Last year Agronomy student or related career, with experiencie in field work and data analysis.

We hope you enjoy reading the fourth edition of our newsletter!
January 31, 2017

We include an opinion column by Soroush Parsa, Program Coordinator Agronomy and Environment and Scientific Director of the Climate Smart Agro platform. Precisely,  the main news is about the first activity of this platform. In every edition we explain a research line, in this case its “Agroclimate Technologies” and the installation of four Surface Renewal stations in VSPT Wine Group’s vineyards. The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 have been very busy for UC Davis Chile, leading and supporting semminars. In these activities several UC Davis experts have participated, Bruce German, Moshe Rosenberg, Eduardo Silva and Woutrina Smith. As always, we want to be connected with professionals who work in Chile andhave studied at Davis. We will meet Mª Eugenia Gonzalez, from the U. of Concepcion, and Alejandra Madariaga, who just returned to Chile.

We just released the third edition of our newsletter!
November 29, 2016

We hope you enjoy reading the third edition of our newsletter. As the previous numbers, the cover includes an opinion column, in this case of our Chief Business Development Officer, Javier Ramirez. The main news is about R2B Catalyst’s inauguration, a program inspired by the model of UC Davis’ Venture Catalyst. As this initiative was created by Dushyant Pathak, Associate Vice-Chancellor of UC Davis, he came to the event.

In every edition we explain a research line, in this case its the genetic identification of clones of the wine industry’s most relevants strains. We also include highlights of our numerous activities, including visits from UC Davis: doctors Gail Bornhorst, Richard Snyder and Daniele Zaccaria. Last but not least, we include some news about the Chilean Students’ Association at UC Davis and a new interview for our section “Getting to know a UC Davis Alumni”.

The green side of the future
November 24, 2016

What are the agricultural bioproduct trends worldwide. Article written by doctor Freddy Boehmwald, Bioproduct Development Coordinator of UC Davis Chile, for November edition of Mundoagro magazine (text in Spanish).

The first version of the Climate Smart Agro seminar was held with great success
November 17, 2016

The objective of the event -organized by UC Davis Chile- is to promote a technologically advanced, versatile and efficient agriculture in the face of climate variability. To this end there were presentations from institutions that are conducting research and development in Chile and companies that are implementing new technologies from Argentina and the United States.


President Janet Napolitano and the Chancellors of the University of California today (Nov. 9) issued the following statement:
November 9, 2016

In light of yesterday's election results, we know there is understandable consternation and uncertainty among members of the University of California community.  The University of California is proud of being a diverse and welcoming place for students, faculty, and staff with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.  Diversity is central to our mission.  We remain absolutely committed to supporting all members of our community and adhering to UC’s Principles Against Intolerance.  As the Principles make clear, the University “strives to foster an environment in which all are included” and “all are given an equal opportunity to learn and explore.”  The University of California will continue to pursue and protect these principles now and in the future, and urges our students, faculty, staff, and all others associated with the University to do so as well.

R2B Catalyst: The first scientific center for business development opens in Chile
October 25, 2016

Markus Schreyer, CEO MGMS Consulting; Ignacio Brescia, CEO R2B Catalyst; Alan Bennett, Director Ejec. UC Davis Chile; Marcela Angulo, Gerente Capacidades Tecnológ. Corfo y Dushyant Pathak, vicerrector Gestión de Tecnologías y Relac. Corporativas UC Davis.

Research to Business Catalyst (R2B Catalyst) is the first scientific HUB for business development and for start-ups with a scientific base offers Programs for Entrepreneurs inspired on the model of Venture Catalyst of the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), LabSpaces or cutting-edge laboratories for co-work and a series of Services for Entrepreneurs which range from marketing and communications to accounting.

Expert in food engineering from UC Davis meets with Chilean entrepreneurs and researchers from the branch
September 2, 2016

Dra. Gail Bornhorst (al centro) junto a profesionales de universidades, de centros de investigación y del Centro de Extensionismo Tecnológico Agroindustrial.

What happens to the food after we have eaten it?  This is the area of research of Doctor Gail Bornhorst. Her objectives are clear: to increase the benefits in the health of the consumers, improve food security and optimize food processing.  In order to achieve this, she has been working in collaboration with the Californian food industry.

We invite you to read the second edition of UC Davis Chile newsletter
August 5, 2016

​In this issue we include an opinion column of our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Pablo Zamora; a main news –the first Scientific and Industry Advisory Board meeting-; the explanation of a research that we are developing (plant pathogen detection in vines), and the "highlights” section with brief news to quickly catch you all up on the initiatives we are involved in. We also included two new sections: Chileans in UC Davis -with an opinion column of the Board of the UCD Chilean Student Association- and Getting to know a UC Davis Alumni, in this case, an interview to Eduardo Holzapfel, former Dean of Agricultural Engineering Faculty at U. of Concepción.

UC Davis Chile holds first Scientific and Industry Advisory Board meeting
July 21, 2016

Roberto Neira, Alfredo Molina, Daniel Garrido, Gustavo Zúñiga, Ronald Bown, Pedro Herane, Alan Bennett, Gerard Casaubon y por UC Davis Chile, Javier Ramírez, Director de Nuevos Negocios; Mauricio Cañoles, Gerente de Nuevos Proyectos y Consultorías y Franc

The entity has the support of outstanding representatives from companies and agriculture associations, from the biotechnology industry and superior universities in our country.

Chilean Wine Industry leads on Genetic Rescue Vines and Technology challenges
July 14, 2016

Although the Chilean wine industry is ranked at the 4th place worldwide and the first new world wine exporter, due to the agriculture movement to new production areas and continues climate challenges, the national leader industry began to concern about of the challenges that wine industry needs to face due to the extension of the wine frontier and the commercial gaps of the wineries.

International Centres of Excellence Telefónica R+D and UC Davis Chile sign agreement to generate integrative technological solutions that positively impact farmers
June 8, 2016

Alan Bennett, director ejecutivo de UC Davis Chile y Hernán Orellana, director ejecutivo de Telefónica I+D Chile.

These institutions, which both form part of Corfo’s Program to Attract International Centers of Excellence, will provide from their own experience to generate technology platforms that increase productivity and efficiency in the national food industry.

First edition of UC Davis Chile's Newsletter
June 7, 2016

We invite you to read our first newsletter. On the first page, you will find an opinion column, in this case of our Executive Director, Alan Bennett. On page 2, the main news: The Board meeting UC Davis Chile with its Chilean and California members. Then, since our intention is to explain the research that we are developing, we start by discussing our experience with our business partners, vineyards Concha y Toro and VSPT. Finally, we have the "highlights” section with brief news to quickly catch up on the initiatives we are involved in. We hope this material will serve to learn more about UC Davis Chile.

Today! Chileglobal Seminar: Socio-environmental impacts of free ranging dogs in Chile
May 30, 2016

Reminder that today Tuesday, May 31st as 14:00, the Chileglobal Seminar presents: Socio-environmental impacts of free ranging dogs in Chile. Challenges for animal welfare, biodiversity conservation, public health and policy.

INIA and UC Davis Chile sign agreement to strengthen the food sector
May 20, 2016

Emilio Ruz, Encargado de Relaciones Internacionales de INIA; Julio Kalazich, Director Nacional de lNIA y Alan Bennett, Director Ejecutivo de Fundación UC Davis Chile.

The initiative will allow the joint entreneurership of applied research and the transfer of technology and innovation, on issues such as the revaluation of property strains of the Itata and Cauquenes valleys; integrated management of pests and diseases, like Lobesia botrana; and design of environmental strategies, among other actions.  

Noticia Carousel
Flooding in the building where UC Davis Chile offices are located.
April 18, 2016

Fortunately, UC Davis Chile offices are in good condition because we operate on the 11th floor of the building. For any need, please contact us, do not hesitate to write to or call us at +56 9 4275 4718.


The directory of UC Davis Chile meets and confirms operations and the focused action for the Innovation Center
March 28, 2016

Gonzalo Herrera, Cindy M. Kiel, Harris A. Lewin, Alan B. Bennett, Joanna Regulska, Eugenio Doussoulin, y Julio Kalazich.

The session counted on the participation of all the Board members – eight from California and four from Chile, including the Chairman, Harris A. Lewin, Vice Chancellor for Research at UC Davis. 

Call for a Researcher in Biology position at Concha y Toro
March 14, 2016


Design, coordinate and carry out research and development initiatives in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology and genetics, ensuring high scientific and technical accuracy level in the Center for Research and Innovation of Concha y Toro (Pencahue, Talca). Application deadline Monday, March 14, 2016. Send Curriculum Vitae via email:


Experts from UC Davis give talk on irrigation at INIA La Platina and U. Talca
February 25, 2016

Doctors Daniele Zaccaria and Richard Snyder, UC Davis academics, will come to Chile for their line of work in Climate Change. On the occasion, they will offer the drought lecture "Towards next generation decision support for irrigation management" in two locations: on Tuesday, March 8th at INIA La Platina in Santiago and Friday, March 11th at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Talca.

Call for Bioproducts Development Coordinator position
February 11, 2016

​To apply, please send your CV including salary request, cover letter and 3 letters of recommendation to: until Febraury 29th 2016.

Call for Project and Consulting Developer position
February 11, 2016

​To apply, please send your CV including salary request, cover letter and 3 letters of recommendation to: until Febraury 29th 2016.

Noticia Carousel
"Research to Business Catalyst" inaugurates scientific co-work "Patagonia LabSpace" in Puerto Montt
January 21, 2016

Diversas autoridades regionales y nacionales asistieron al evento.

  • As a result of the alliance between STGO LabSpace and the University of California Davis, in Chile (Chile UC Davis), "R2B Catalyst" is the first scientific HUB in Chile for the development of business and the generation of synergies between researchers, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.
  • Patagonia LabSpace is one of the venues of R2B Catalyst and the first center of innovation and scientific scaling in Chile.

Research to Business Catalyst inaugurates base in Puerto Montt, its first location outside Santiago
January 14, 2016

Thursday of next week, we will inaugurate Patagonia LabSpace with the support of CORFO. A bit to understand the background, UC Davis and STGO LabSpace Chile generated an alliance and created Research to Business Catalyst (R2B Catalyst), the first scientific hub for the development of business, generating synergy between researchers, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors to materialize science-based businesses. In the case of Patagonia LabSpace, it is a 600 m2 laboratory enabling the scaling of products. His focus will be projects in areas relevant to the south, such as aquaculture, livestock and agriculture. To all of those who live in Puerto Montt and surrounding area, we look forward  to seeing you on Thursday January 21st.


Bio-products: the way of synergy
January 4, 2016

Créditos: MundoAgro

Bacteria and fungi that promote plant growth are the way the bio-products collaborate in agricultural production. What are the prospects of this tool and what does is lack for producing better results. MundoAgro Magazine article.



UC Davis Chile participates in Seminar organized by the Software Association Guild
December 4, 2015

• Dr. Alan Bennett, Executive Director of UC Davis Chile, participated in the 2nd SaaS Generation Seminar with the presentation "Big Data in Agricultural Research". 

UC Davis Chile participates in innovation and scientific enterprise fair, "Open Science"
November 12, 2015

For two days, the Bustamante Park of the Providencia district was the meeting point for the innovation ecosystem in our country. The event was organized by STGO LabSpace, a partner of our institution "Research to Business Catalyst " (R2B Catalyst), the first scientific hub of the country.

Alliance between UC Davis Chile and STGO LabSpace: R2B Catalyst, first scientific Hub devoted for business development
October 26, 2015

The company seeks synergy between researchers, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors to realize science-based businesses. In addition to advanced technology laboratories, start-ups will receive legal, regulatory, business model, scaling and internationalization support. In early 2016 it will begin to operate the headquarters of R2B Catalyst, UC Davis LabSpace Chile, which will be located in the space adjacent to the corporate offices of UC Davis Chile.

Extended deadline: Call for postdoc position
September 21, 2015

To work both in Plant Pathology Lab in Talca (U. Talca) and in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Lab in Santiago (UNAB), in a research about fungal/virus and plant interactions, and bioinformatics. Skills required for this project include knowledge of bioinformatics and commonly used plant pathogen techniques (design and utilize regular and qPCR assays, cloning, sequencing and sequence analyses, hybridizations, ELISA, etc). The position is full-time. Deadline: October, 4th.

UC Davis is highly ranked in US and world
September 16, 2015

The university places 85th in the world and 27th in the United States in the QS World University Rankings for 2015-16. Earlier this year, QS World Rankings rated UC Davis No. 1 in the world in veterinary sciences, and agriculture and forestry.

Extended deadline: Call for Research Assistant position (agronomist)
September 10, 2015

Full-time professional to work both in a Plant Pathology Lab in Talca (U. Talca) and in a Molecular Biology Lab in Santiago (UNAB). Skills required for this project include knowledge of plant diseases and commonly used phytopathological techniques (isolation; microscopy; PCR assays and sequence analyses, etc). Applications will be received until October 4th.

UC Davis is preparing to once again hosts the Chile-California Conference C3
September 8, 2015

Since 2012, the Chilean graduate students from Stanford, UC Berkeley and UC Davis meet every year in one of these universities to discuss relevant issues in our country and share experiences. This year the C3 returns to UC Davis with the theme "Envisioning the future, creating it together" and added a new participant, UC Santa Cruz. As expected, UC Davis Chile is one of the sponsors of this important event.

Call for Research Assistant position (biotechnology)
September 8, 2015

Send your CV including salary request, cover letter and 2 letters of recommendation to: until September 17th.

Call for Research Assistant position (agronomist)
September 8, 2015

Send your CV including salary request, cover letter and 2 letters of recommendation to: until September 17th.

Call for Financial Controller position
September 1, 2015

Interested applicants can send their CV, cover letter and two work references to Deadline is Sunday, Sept 13th. This is a replacement position.

A workshop on Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer at Concha y Toro´s Research and Innovation Center
August 21, 2015

Dr. Mónica Alandete-Sáez of PIPRA (Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture) of the University of California - Davis explained concepts such as the different types of intellectual property, the technology transfer model, the best practices for maintaining laboratory notebooks and material transfer agreements.

UC Davis Chile and UDD advance in the formation of intellectual property and technology transfer
August 20, 2015

In Concepción (South of Chile), both institutions will held the "Diploma in Innovation and New Technologies for the Agricultural Industry".

Call for Grant Development Manager
August 17, 2015

Applications are open until August 26th. Resume, cover letter and 2 letters of recommendation should be sent to

Call for Program Coordinator-Agronomy
July 31, 2015

Applications are extended until August, 7th. CV, cover letter and 2 letters of recommendation should be sent to

Union of extra virgin olive oil producers visits UC Davis Chile
July 28, 2015

ChileOliva, as a growing industry for the future, explores how to increase productivity and quality with technological solutions based on science.

Nursery Trade Association of Chile and UC Davis Chile meet to discuss ways to collaborate
July 23, 2015

The members of the trade association produce 90% of the fruit plants marketed in Chile.

Call for Program Coordinator-Agronomy
July 20, 2015

Applications are open until July 31st. CV, cover letter and 2 letters of recommendation should be sent to

Call for Program Coordinator - Molecular Genetics / Genomics
July 20, 2015

Applications are open until July 31st. CV, cover letter and 2 letters of recommendation should be sent to

FONTAGRO Symposium: International experts discuss the best strategies for family farmers facing climate change.
July 10, 2015

Dr. Paul Zamora , Chief Science Officer of UC Davis Chile, was one of the speakers at the panel who discussed the importance of the international cooperation in this process. The event was co-organized by INIA and the document "Declaration of Santiago " was finalized.

Strategic Food Program visits UC Davis Chile
July 10, 2015

Representatives led by their Chairman, Gonzalo Jordan, explained the focus of CORFO´s initiative, which like the center of excellence, seeks to create a more modern and sophisticated Chilean agricultural industry.

UC Davis Chile holds meetings with The Blueberry Committee of Chile
July 9, 2015

Chile is one of the largest producers of these berries at a global level and the industry is facing a series of challenges that UC Davis Chile could cooperate in responding .

California researcher leading the line of research at UC Davis Chile analyzed how genomics can improve viticulture
July 8, 2015

The first activity of the cycle of lectures "Encounters, Science and Industry" was held at Concha y Toro´s Center for Research and Innovation and attracted more than 55 participants, including academics, winemakers, professional associations and representatives of the agricultural sector.

Expert in genetic tools for viticulture from UC Davis offers to give a talk in the Maule region.
June 30, 2015

Dr. Dario Cantu, also a principal investigator for one of UC Davis Chile´s lines of work, will give a lecture on Friday, July 3 at 12:00 in the Auditorium of the Center for Research and Innovation of Concha y Toro.

Concha y Toro is preparing to sell genetic material and is on the verge of becoming the vineyard with most planted acres in the world
June 28, 2015

El Mercurio highlights the support from UC Davis Chile in the recently inaugurated Center for Research and Innovation of the vineyard. To read the article, click on “Economía y Negocios de El Mercurio” (article in Spanish )

Today executive director of UC Davis Chile inagurates an intensive course on technology transfer and intellectual property in California.
June 22, 2015

Dr. Alan Bennett gives the go-ahead to the "Licensing Academy", organized by PIPRA (Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture) and the School of Law at UC Davis. Twenty Chileans participates in this intensive 10-day course , including academic partners of UC Davis Chile.

CBS features the work of UC Davis scientists
June 9, 2015

Researchers are trying to reduce the amount of water used in wine production without compromising the quality of the product.

UC Davis Chile is offering postdoctorate positions in California
May 15, 2015

UC Davis Chile - Life Sciences Innovation Center is conducting an open call for postdoctoral research at UC Davis.