Fellowship Program

Yerko Moreno

University of Talca

Agronomist from the Catholic University of Valparaiso (1988), Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, USA (1993). His specialty is the physiology of the vine and viticulture. Director of the Technological Center of Vine and Wine at the University of Talca.

In parallel to his work as a researcher, he has developed various academic activities, such as Director of the School of Agronomy; Secretary of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences; Director of the Magisters in Horticulture; and Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Development and Technology Transfer at the University of Talca.

Yerko has been a visiting professor at the Graduate School of the University of Cuyo (Argentina), where he lectures on Production Technologies of Grapes. He has published two books, several articles in his field and has presented papers at various international conferences. In 2016, Yerko was elected as the “Annual Personality” by the Wine National Association of Chile. Professor Moreno is UC Davis Chile’s liaison with the University of Talca.