Partners & colaborate

Academic Partners

Universidad de Tarapacá

Relevant subject areas such as: arid agriculture, anthropology and archeology and the study of man in the desert. Research infrastructure for agronomic crops and proximity to year-round crop/seed production services. Provides presence for UC Davis-Chile in far north and sees UC Davis-Chile as an important strategic partner for its own development in research, innovation and graduate education.

Universidad Andrés Bello

Largest university in Chile with 42,000 students and the only private university accredited in research. Centers of excellence aligned with UC Davis-Chile priorities in Molecular Physical Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Aquaculture and Health Management. Research infrastructure in genomics. Provides presence for UC Davis-Chile in Santiago and sees UC Davis-Chile as a strategic partner for its transition from research to innovation. UNAB is the UC-Davis-Chile implementation partner.

Universidad de Talca

The University of Talca is one of 25 state institutions associated with the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (HCCH). In 2010, the University of Talca was among the eight best in the country. Located in the center of the grape and wine region, its agricultural programs research infrastructure in viticulture and enology are aligned with UC Davis-Chile priorities. Provides presence for UC Davis-Chile in the south of Chile and sees UC Davis-Chile as a strategic partner to strengthen its linkages to the wine industry.

Universidad del Desarrollo

Universidad del Desarrollo will be consolidated as one of the best in Chile, standing out for its permanent search for academic innovation, actively participating in Chilean and global society through joint work with national and international actors and addressing the challenges with a global perspective. in order to train those who will lead the development of our country and to create knowledge that impacts and generates value

Business Partners

Viña Concha Y Toro

Concha y Toro is Latin America’s principal wine exporter and one of the most important wine brands in the world, with a presence in more than 135 countries. A global company that brings together tradition and innovation, and supports its commitment with the consumer by providing them with the best quality and wine experience.

Our agricultural-oenological work philosophy is oriented to quality in the whole production process and to extracting the unique and distinctive characteristics of each specific origin.

The diversification of soils and climates has enabled us to have the widest range of varieties in the Chilean industry. This, plus a deep dedication by the winery and constant research, provides internationally praised wines.

Viña San Pedro & Tarapacá

The VSPT Wine Group is the second largest Chilean wine exporter and stands among the most important winemaking-groups in the domestic market.

VSPT has a strong involvement in R&D, in private (with CORFO instruments) and associative (with participation in Wine Consortiums) terms.

With the establishment of the UC Davis Life Sciences Innovation Center, VSPT will contribute to the wine and vine industry, enhancing the R&D capacities and developing the industry with new improvements, increasing the competitiveness of the sector.

VSPT Wine Group is strongly committed to a more natural and eco-friendly production of wines.