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Adaptation to Climate Change

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Viticulture and Enology

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Chile-California Alliances


"Chile should learn from the Californian experience," Soroush Parsa, UC Davis Chile
February 20, 2017

The agro-climate similarity between Chile and California sets valuable opportunities for synergic learning between both territories. According to UC Davis Chile's Program Coordinator of Agronomy and Environment, our country should advance towards a climate smart-agro, taking advantage of North American state's valuable experiencie handling in extreme events. Article written in Spanish by Cynthia Alfaro for the Innova + Agro magazine.

Water that is worth gold
February 17, 2017

Technologies to increase irrigation efficiency in a modern agriculture. Article written by Doctor Francisco Rojo, UC Davis Chile's Postdoctoral Researcher in "Agroclimate Technologies", for Mundoagro magazine (article written in Spanish).